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Don't say hate

please don't say hate. It is not a nice word. You can say "I don't like" but not "hate".
why is it a word then?
there are lots of words that are not nice, that are still words, but you don't say them.
oh. Okay. Well what are they for then? Are they for dinosaurs
(My daughter. Kind of getting the point but somehow getting wildly off track with dinosaurs)

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Daddy I hate lemurs. I super hate lemurs and I don’t want to eat them.

My son 3 years old.

Apparently he doesn’t like lemurs. Just for the record I am not perpetuating any lemur stereotypes or discriminations over here. This is a lemur friendly house.

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My son just ran up to me and said “I don’t want this on my finger anymore” and proceeded to flick a giant booger on my leg and then ran away.


And how long was it on his finger that he got tired of it being there?! What the hell.

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