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It is just a name, right?

So my earlier post talked about respecting your kids, and their future, by not giving them really weird names. It was not meant to say don’t name you kid something unique, but think about how it may impact their future. While most people were in agreement, even those that weren’t knew someone that had a really strange name. 

Here are a few of the names that were shared:

  • Pink (for a boy)
  • Rusty Nail
  • Shamu Love
  • Blaze Cane Fisher
  • Imunique
  • and of course Blade and Tiara

So my point really is naming your kid ‘Rusty Nail’ or ‘Shamu Love’ may present a few unnecessary barriers for them. Unless they change their name.

This also got me curious for more weird names. What were some of the weird names of people you knew, or knew of?

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  1. electradaddy said: When I was on the yearbook staff we had a student named Mitchie Bushy at the school. While approving proofs from the publisher, I was, prior to publication - thankfully, able to catch & correct an error in which he’d been identified as Mitsubishi.
  2. mammamanna said: I don’t know this person, but I lost it at a graduation ceremony when I heard “Dewey Beaver” called up to receive his diploma. My rule is: if your last name is Beaver, do NOT name your child with an adjective (or homophone).
  3. sunshowersandrainbows said: Candi Land
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