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Because life as a father is funny; and weird.

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Heather, Violet, Rose, etc. All are objects. Also, popular names. My name is Brandy Dawn. A beverage and a time of day. Is the argument only for names that were…objects? First? Or just names not commonly used as names? Im kind of teasing a bit;)

It is about respect for your child’s future. Rose, Heather and Violet are names that you can see an adult having. Blade is a futuristic vampire hunter and Tiara is a stripper. Just my opinion.

  1. somamasays said: Respect for your child’s future also means that you don’t assume that a name will define their future. Your values, love and parenting will guide them. Their name won’t.
  2. myrucaa said: Sometimes I regret giving arabella her name because it’s hard to imagine a business person or something like that with her name. But it fits her and if she wants to go by her middle name (violet lol) or something else I’ll get over it eventually.
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