(re)views as a parent...

Because life as a father is funny; and weird.

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    I had a couple people legitimately ask me why I was naming my son a “black person’s name.” How fucking ignorant. People...
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    OR you can name your child what you want to name them and let everyone else do the same. My Magnolia Pearl and Oak Arrow...
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    My cousin named his kid “Blade”. He is a great kid. I never knew anybody else would have that name. Interesting…
  4. motherzoey said: I actually know a guy who’s legal name is blade. He’s twenty and I can’t say if he has ever held a job.
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    Working on the second instalment of our first few days, but first: THIS.
  6. cantcat said: All names started out meaning something you know… seriously. All of them. What’s worse? Made up names? And eventually we stop using the “tried and true names” and have to get original. We are just progressing. Relax.
  7. rebirthofnewlife said: THANK YOU!
  8. pink--oleander said: I went to school with a girl named Imunique. “I’m unique.” It was ridiculous.
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