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First day of school.

My daughter’s first day of school seems to have went well. She didn’t cry and drop off and despite “not remembering” what she did most of the day she said she had a good time and said she made a new friend, although she couldn’t remember her name either.

At drop off this morning there was a boy of about 6 that was not managing his drop off well. He was crying for his mom and dad for hugs and that he didn’t want to go. One of the other father’s reached out to the boy’s father and said “Rough day, eh?”  To which the crying boy’s father responded “Well, it wouldn’t be so bad if my damn wife didn’t coddle his ass!”  Wow. Talk about harsh. Maybe your son was crying because your a giant asshole. Douche. 

Anyways, onto day two. Here is to hoping for another good day. And that douche-father leaves the school drop off to someone else.

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