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Time flies

It is amazing how time flies when you have kids. I can remember the day we brought my daughter home from the hospital and the endless nights spent laying on the floor of her room for hours trying to get her to sleep. It felt like yesterday. It is hard to believe that just next week she is starting Jr. Kindergarten. It is the start of her official schooling career and I can’t help but already miss the little kid days where the more difficult thing she had to worry about all day was which friend was going to be at daycare, and what toy to bring on toy-Friday’s. I have all the confidence that she will be fine and handle the transition well. There is just something about her going to her first ‘big school’ all day every day, the start of real expectations, one teacher, and a classroom that has me missing my baby girl. It is funny how the transition is likely to be harder on my wife and myself than it is my daughter. 

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