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A conversation on parenting…

I was at a concert with my friend last week and we got to talking. He doesn’t have any kids, but I thought I would ask his opinion on something. As with most concerts there is an array of people from all lifestyles. The hippies, goths, indie-kids, punk rockers, middle-agers, etc etc. I like to just characterize myself as the 30-something crowd that is just out for a night away from the kids. While looking a group of young kids dressed on Marilyn-Mason-esque gear we had the following conversation:

Me: So, would you rather have a daughter that is considered a freak, or a son that is?

Friend: A son.

Me: Okay, why?

Friend: Because if I have a daughter that is a freak then the likelihood is that she will have some freak boyfriend that is trying to sleep with her. 

Me: I can see that.

Friend: But if I have a son that is a freak, I am just happy that he has found a freak girlfriend, and I am okay with that because he has at least found someone. 

Me: I agree, I don’t want some freak kid trying to sleep with my daughter.

Friend: Really, my views on parenting all come down to who is trying to have sex with my kid.

Yes, I recognize that this is the definition of double standard, but I am okay with it. I don’t want some greasy trench-coat mafia type kid anywhere near my daughter. Call me old fashioned, but that is my opinion…..

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